Finally, Skal falls suggestions on guide regarding the creation of Dracula and you may just what possess assisted encourage it

The guy covers the newest Irish and you can fairy-tale impacts into novel, and you can early Golden-haired works’ has an effect on with the novel, such as the functions out of Wilkie Collins, not to mention, vampire fiction before Stoker. Stoker’s pire legend. At the same time, Skal covers information out-of video having become part of the misconception or prominent creative imagination from the Dracula which were never ever into the Stoker’s book. Leading of them ‘s the proven fact that Bram Stoker equated Dracula that have Vlad Tepes. Stoker probably had no knowledge of Tepes and it wasn’t up to McNally and you may Florescu’s book Wanting Dracula this particular tip shot to popularity, following films like Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula and way more recent Dracula Untold has actually triggered Vlad and you will Dracula to be equated by extremely Dracula admirers.

Skal as well as cards the equation from vampires of the underworld that have bats try Stoker’s development. Skal has the benefit of several you can offer towards name Mina for the Dracula-Amina off Bellini’s opera La Sonnambula and Minna into the Prest and you will Rymer’s Brand new Sequence away from Pearls (p. 110). However, Skal never states you to within the Feval’s Vampire Area there clearly was an effective dog named Mina. I believe Stoker should have had accessibility Feval’s books, even if You will find not witnessed people beginner generate an association. Stoker yes journeyed from inside the France and may have bought them (Feval wished nothing to do with having his instructions interpreted with the English), and i also manage suppose Stoker you’ll cam French about sparingly.