I really don’t believe I am suitable Are rhyming on this subject track end up in my lyrics draw

We assault motherfuckers wearing red backpacks And i also munch on towel shelves and take a shit on the tune Yeah your whack, lead to people knows everything say But once I have on the the latest mic, We create milk products outta clay And i enjoy air electric guitar with a pipe from tooth paste And i also state karate pencil-case and you may use it recording

All my personal verses fall apartment instance a hockey puck They got me personally eight weeks to enter the initial element of my personal verse And today I had little leftover very I’ll imagine which i had damage Aw, In my opinion We sprained my foot All of you feel free to finish the song rather than me personally

[MC Amnesia] Yo MC Amnesia up contained in this bitch Woke upwards five days back lying in the newest abandon Failed to see which I became I didn’t think of crap