Shizuku Mizutani certainly is the version of graduate exactly who just cares about this lady research, generating them the nickname a€?dry snow.a€?

1) The Little Giant

Shizuku Mizutani may sort of college student who only is concerned about this model research, getting this lady the nickname a€?dry frost.a€? She fulfills classmate Haru Yoshida, an absent seatmate which others contemplate as daunting when she is actually allotted to create school handouts to him or her in the home. The two main become family that little by little fall in love, although Mizutani require considerably longer than Yoshida to confess their feelings. The program indicates us all that therea€™s alot more these types of heroes than how theya€™re affecting general public. a€”C.B.

2) Kamisama Hug

Nanami try a homeless higher schooler aimlessly hanging through living when this dish emerges the cabability to stay in a shrine, only to find out she gets grow to be an exact local God.