HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION tip: Ideas on how to hook your very own previous VCR member to a new HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION.

To the south Jersey creates: Hi Ben! You will find a VCR user with some aged VHS tapes I like to watch, and I also would be searching getting an HDTV (my personal first).

The salesmen informed me I’d require an HDMI cable, however can’t know the price of the wire and/or make the effort to inquire about if I got High Definition solution. One salesperson didn’t know just what HDMI had been. However, their associate has. Would i want one for a VCR? Neither of these recognized that.

Hi, and welcome on thriving the television team! Seems like you have made it out unscathed, albeit unsatisfied.

a composite resin movie cable, which will connect many VCR members to A HDTV.

In any event, yes—it may happen to connect their outdated VCR member to another HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION, regardless if the VHS porch doesn’t have actually an HDMI training video production (which I’m nearly constructive it willn’t, if you do not accidentally have a more recent DVD/VCR combo pro).