And my you to definitely roommate normally tune in to him or her having sex, that is not at all ok!

Just like the you’ve probably seen regarding of many statements we’ve got obtained to your this web site, the trouble you have is normal whenever living with roommates

I absolutely need help with this specific. My that roommate has her boyfriend during the our very own apartment step 3 weekends of one’s day to have perhaps step three-4 nights at once. Often it’s dos vacations of few days. In my opinion that is quite constant. You will find around three people located in our flat and i also talked to my other roomie about any of it so we one another arranged you to he was right here too often. I mean, I want to feel at ease to my apartment and you can walking to my personal area for the a bath towel in the toilet unlike with to obtain putting on the restroom for instance, however with one as much as, I am unable to. So i talked to that particular roommate about any of it and you will told her the way i thought and you may she said that she can’t do just about anything about this.