Become using companion officially for over a month currently and he’s needs to can get on my favorite anxiety

I do take pleasure in spending some time with him, but he practically would like to devote every minute of the day with each other. We’re about the same program at uni, and so I view your every day at uni after which after uni nevertheless it’s tooo much.

I have a lot of various other friends on all of our system (he is doingn’t) so I don’t feel like I am unable to just sit down with them/hang around with them without truly offending him or her. They do not truly get on so I are unable to simply hold off with both.

Likewise i enjoy invest some time by myself beyond uni or maybe just hang out with my woman relatives but he is just so clingy. I really don’t strive to be some of those teenagers exactly who ditches all this lady family once she has a boyfriend, and I hate investing all my time with just one person anyhow.

We daren’t say anything to your when he’s very sensitive and painful and I also fret he’d go on it actually. Other people received this?

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First of all, don’t let neighbors move an individual from your very own romance.