The Cougar while the Toy son a€“ the pet robbing the cradle?

We’ve all found out about the term a€?cougara€? a€“ an older lady just who dates younger men, it is this becoming typical?

My friend’s son merely transformed 20 and lead home his sweetheart the very first time meet up with their moms and dads. Just complications, at 46, their girl was over the age of his moms and dads! a€?

Perhaps the partners are really crazy or trying out the trend was anybody’s imagine, but earlier woman/younger man relationships tend to be truly increasing. We review an astounding figure in an article recently having said that, a€?A Google seek out the word a€?cougar girls’ will make 64,700,000 results a€“ that’s 20 instances the total amount obtainable in 2010.a€?

And articles I look over from one of these 64-million success on yahoo look claims discover persuasive facts to claim that as females become more equal in community much less expected to adapt to traditional sex parts, they are less inclined to enter get older gap connections where in actuality the people is the earlier party.