“investing his money tends to make me personally unwell.” Lila had been abducted on a night out together with a sugar daddy.

Living a sugar child lifestyle definitely has its own perks; luxurious gift ideas, instaworthy vacations, and an average monthly allowance of $2,900. Pretty good for a university student used to bar move paychecks.

An estimated one-fourth of a million young Australian women can be matchmaking old men for their money in the hope of providing on their own some monetary independence, often while they finish off their particular scientific studies.

But there’s a very hazardous area to your arrangement, with been branded “undercover sex work”.

Observe the preview the 60 mins segment on glucose babies below. Post goes on after.

Women who subscribe to the websites are offered a fantasy of ‘dating’ and advised that gender isn’t always the conclusion video game, it’s optional.

But Lila claims that’s not really genuine.

“If you’re maybe not prepared to have sex together with the older boys, don’t continue the internet site, because you are getting your self for the reason that scenario,” she advised 60 mins.

Lila was like most additional younger lady which subscribes, she had been just wishing to build just a little more money.