Ethiopia Wedding Traditions – 14 traditions which make Ethiopian wedding parties stand out!

Wedding parties in Ethiopia were a colourful affair, because of the rich Ethiopia wedding ceremony practices. Though a lot of couples are opting to possess latest wedding events, a number of young people incorporate conventional customs in their wedding ceremonies. The following are a few of the well-known wedding ceremony traditions distinctive to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Event Practices

  • Telosh
  • Telosh is actually conducted two days prior to the wedding ceremony. The bridegroom and his families current gift suggestions on bride, frequently a wedding dress or accessories. Other everyone after that render her gifts on the bride, after which everybody provide provides lunch.

  • Collection in the Bride
  • On the day once the groom goes toward choose the bride, folks in her parents happens away from house and sings a traditional tune stating that they’ll not allow anybody in. The bridegroom must beg become leave in, when the bride’s family finally believes, he gift suggestions his bride with blossoms. She accepts the plants with a kiss, after which these include escorted by pals and loved ones on bridal vehicles.

  • Knee Kissing
  • Leg making out is just one of the considerably unusual Ethiopia wedding traditions.