How to do to make sure your child is safe in discord?

  • Cyberbullying: When the communication between kids has controversies then it will lead to bullying. There is a high risk of bad words usage, unethical speech, etc can occur at any time.
  • Kids can wander: In this app, the children can wander around the server and get access to crude and offensive languages easily. There is no option to restrict the entry of users to another forum. The users can view all the threads available on this app without any difficulty.
  • A quick flash of Adult content without search: Kids need not search for adult content instead of the lewd words with porn images appear within 15 minutes of your sign in. This scenario is highly dangerous for kids below 18 years. This app gives easy access to sexual content.

Parents’ Real reviews from Commonsensemedia

“My daughter signed in to this “kid-friendly” app while building on my craft. Someone began talking to her, told her he was 37 and had been in jail for selling pot. She is nine. I cannot believe parents rated this site 10+!”

“We just discovered Discord on our 13-year-olds phone. (He found a way to bypass our approval requirements). Though we regularly check his phone, we somehow overlooked Discord. While it ing app, it does have private chat features. Our son was exposed to explicit sexual content, including videos, pictures, chats, and video chats. Some groups are not gaming related and may have negative impacts on your children.”

  • Supervision: The parents should accompany the kids when they access the Discord app. You can view the activities of your kids and help them to avoid issues with the Discord through proper guidance
  • Creating Awareness: You can talk to your kids about the pros and cons of Discord and give them awareness about the darker side of this app.