10 Fables About Relationships Older Women — As Authored By A Real-Life Cougar

I’m a card-carrying cougar. I’ve been a consistent person in the “Cougar pub” since my better half passed on. For almost five years, I’ve been matchmaking a guy fifteen years young than me.

Technically, that qualifies me personally as a cougar.

In accordance with Dictionary, the everyday definition of “cougar” try “a mature lady who aims sexual connections with much young boys.”

Urban Dictionary requires it also further, sharing that “Cougars were gaining in popularity — especially the real hotties — as young men discover just a sexual high, but the majority of circumstances a chick together with her shit collectively.”

I enjoy think about a cougar as a secure, independent, young-spirited girl which happens to choose the organization of younger guys.

1. A cougar is actually a hunter whom preys on an innocent young people.

Just who hunts who? Some dudes tend to be obviously attracted to older ladies like most additional real “type,” such as preferring blondes to brunettes.

A cougar exudes confidence, which makes her a very attractive conquest to a younger man. Typically this is the young people whom approaches the elderly woman hoping of a purely intimate, no-strings-attached commitment.

Contrary to popular belief, the earlier woman actually the predator — in fact, oahu is the quite other.