The primary reason some Nigerian guys need a glucose Mummy?

How to locate glucose mummy in Lagos

The lookup sweets mummies specifically genuine. So actual, which is the important reasons why you’re in fact in this specific article, pursuing what are sweet foodstuff mummy in Lagos.

First off, this is certainly a sugar mummy?


To Nigerians, a sweet foods mummy was a lady, an enjoyable woman simply who will pay vibrant, qualified and powerful dudes to sleep along side the woman. Several times, sugar mummies are old. They could be in fact inside their 1960s. But, they normally need a take proper care of themselves probably. Theyve the amount of money anyway.

They will certainly probably likely be dressed like theyre still young people and a lot of likely are without spouses by themselves. Definitely, having less a male in their home to sleep them is just why they go in search of younger, able visitors to satisfy their own coital advises. Towards sugar mummies, its a win-win condition taking into account that folks are well-paid regarding their own efforts.

The idea is work aid these glucose mummies best. Incredibly, perhaps you didnt discover that a sugar mummy was formerly? At this time, you ought to have principle.

Therefore, lets log on to by using it

The reason why a lot of Nigerian men have a glucose Mummy?

There are numerous comprehending that clarifies the reason why Nigerian dudes find yourself with producing a sugary foodstuff mummy. Very many importance.. a number of happened to be;

1. Extra cash to family savings

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Most lads wanna get into on 30 billion lot with 30 billion inside profile.