Tinder’s Pouch Number. Tinder’s Bag of Carrying Contains the Soon After.

Meridiem Explorations: [ edit | revise origin ]

-tattered lime garb from old monk and his skull

As available on Mt. Machtobo when Tinder entered the world of Xel being one of the few mortals to split of their grasp single handedly. It had been afterwards always scare the junk out from the monks here, not on aim of course.

-lemon that never goes away completely once you eat they Destined Lemon

Using one side was a goblins face with a tilted expanded, his nostrils is really huge. Others part depicts a womans chest on a sunset. Almost all of the coins expect end up being chewed on by one thing with fangs.

– magical icicle switch-blade

Discovered close to the icon Ice wall surface on Meridiem that has been guarded by Two Drow lookin creatures, however later becoming daemons of sorts, the ice knife appears to be a frozen handle, this is certainly very cold to touch, but moving your hand generates a razor-sharp icicle. They shatters like typical ice, plus heavier temperatures will fade. ((DIRECTED AT OAKNOT POWDERLEAF))

-small dull little bit of sharpening material

Extracted from Wol’s Dwarf-like avatar, it actually was borrowed during a strange confrintation with a tornado. [[

– tetsu’s bank account *The publication try designated “looking for tales”*

A novel used by Tinder and class on Meridiem about the odd beasts that turned into legend, they details around 13 of the most well-known all of them. One webpage is actually marked with a splotch of blood.

– block of build metal

Taken from the peculiar stone-metal animated serpent found in among the heavy jungles of Meridiem.