I’m 2 decades outdated plus my personal very first lesbian relationship, with a lady I’ll call Anna.

She has a history of infidelity. Can I be concerned?

We now haven’t been collectively long, but we not too long ago resided along for a couple of months, and it went astoundingly really (guaranteeing cliches, I know, but that is OK). I experience a period of angst while coming to terminology making use of change in how I see my sex, but I’m mainly through they. It assists that i am completely crazy about the lady, and that I see a genuine potential future for all of us.

The thing is this: she’s a significant reputation for infidelity. I understand a number of anyone she actually is outdated before, and a few of my closest pals were people who’ve known the girl since childhood. When she started school, she got quite extensive series of quick intimate interactions — raising the eyebrows of the family from your home — before encounter the girl most recent sweetheart, whom she outdated for pretty much 2 years (I’ll call the girl Jane).