Time and time of being advised garbage is all i am worth

collection: “Supersonic And Demonic Relics” (1999)

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1. Teaser

That woman’s got a grin places your in a hypnotic trance and merely one have a look at the lady enables you to like to dance

Those dark an rosy mouth merely paify with only a tip of ruthlene Sparkling in her attention

She is a teaser, and she is have no center at all She actually is an intro, and she will tempt your ’til you indeed she’s going to lure you ’til your fall she’s going to talk to your in riddles having no sence, or rhyme While you ask the lady exactly what she ways She states, she cannot had gotten little time

She is an intro, and she’s had gotten no heart after all She’s an intro, and she’s going to lure your ’til you certainly she’s going to tempt your ’til your fall

She’s an intro, and she is have no heart anyway She is a teaser, and she’s going to lure your ’til you Yes she’ll tempt you ’til you fall

2. Primal Shout

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Broke dick canine My personal mind slung low end knocked in the dust

Once I had been simply a new man needed to take a little sadness Now that i am a great deal old do not place your crap on myself