Forensic Data Tester Handwriting Specialist. Verification of records

Forensic data Examiner try a little but effective organization for clinically examining forensic papers in the united kingdom. All of our biggest scientist, Kate Strzelczyk BSc (Hons), MSc, RFP is among the couple of experienced and accomplished Forensic Document Examiners found in great britain to clinically evaluate the legitimacy and authenticity of a document.

Kate have examined thousands of matters regarding debated documentation in britain and Ireland, for both the prosecution and defence, and as an individual joint specialist observe.

A forensic data tester researches records which can be thought to be forged or counterfeit to provide their unique results in a legal perspective. A court-worthy report will then be cooked that may be put as expert observe proof in a court of laws. Frequently professional reports tend to be see towards the judge and occasionally gurus must go to court to present unique research and answer questions physically. Circumstances involving inner company investigations or family disputes could be examined for exclusive businesses and members of anyone.

When you yourself have a forensic document query, please e mail us on 07583 019421 or look for the recommendations of an experienced solicitor that will counsel you in the legal issues of your circumstances. Your solicitor can then e mail us, perhaps by e-mail, posting or phone to go over the simplest way to submit your case. The solicitor will have to feature a covering letter officially instructing our professional, with the products for assessment. Kindly additionally make reference to our very own advice on how to distribute an instance to ensure the papers try packaged precisely and sent to you safely.

Asked Papers

Situation including questioned handwriting or signatures could include things such as wills, threat characters, cheques, balances, work solutions and letters of research, contracts of sale, matrimony or breakup forms, statements, insurance policies paperwork, banking account programs and graffiti.