The new computations having CFC-11 and you can CFC-several imply that, when the hydrodynamic dispersion was in fact tall, oceans billed as the

Profile 6 Noticeable CFC cost times suggested when the: (a) younger liquids within the harmony having 1993 sky mixes which have water energized for the 1940; and you can (b) young water inside the equilibrium having 1993 air brings together which have water billed within the 1975. Calculations at 10°C and step one automatic teller machine. complete stress.

Hydrodynamic dispersion

Because of the simple and usually increasing nature of your own atmospheric fusion percentages, hydrodynamic dispersion isn’t likely to has actually a significant affect CFC levels otherwise apparent CFC age within the groundwater. Using a-one-dimensional logical choice to the newest advection-dispersion formula for the steady-state circulate occupation (van Genuchten and you can Alves, 1982), Plummer et al. (1993) artificial the fresh new transportation and you will resulting ages concerns having CFC-eleven and CFC-several to have water energized out of 1940 as a result of 1991 (Shape seven).

Shape eight Errors for the CFC-eleven and you can CFC-several apparent years determined for 1-dimensional move, with dispersivities of 0 to help you 2 yards (of Plummer et al., 1993).

regarding 1975 will be are available a bit older than the new advective age.